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Sick Chicks

Sick Chicks is a group of young women dedicated to uniting and empowering other women with illnesses and disabilities. 


Own Your Crohn's

Tina is a Crohn’s patient who has accumulated several autoimmune ailments over the years. She is an avid blogger and advocate for chronic illnesses, disabilities and life-saving ostomy surgery. The purpose of the blog is to realize that we can lead full and happy lives while living within the constraints of diseases and disabilities. 


Cheyanne: Me and My Autoimmune Disease

As a medical school student, Cheyanne faces her own health challenges with a different perspective. Here is how she learned about her autoimmune disease. 


Winter's Tale: Sometimes You Just Ned To Ask For Help

Winter is very independent. Maybe too much so. When she got injured and needed surgery she found that she couldn't have surgery without an escort. Finally, Winter learned that sometimes you have to just break down and ask for help. 


A Desperate Grasp For Control – My Anorexia Nervosa

Medical student Cheyanne Slocum sheds light on her own experience with Anorexia Nervosa. 


Young Adults With Chronic Illness: The Forgotten Ones

Callum is a young adult with a chronic illness. They are rarely taken seriously. So they looked for their own community where they could be seen and heard.